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Maggie Miles


Nashville. US


Maggie Miles is a witty 20-year-old alt-pop artist that relishes in comedic relief during the awkward coming-of-age years of her life. Much like her peers Maggie Rogers and Billie Eilish, she exudes authenticity which the modern generation is desperately craving. Originally from the Western Hills of Northern Virginia, she recently moved to Nashville to pursue music full time. Maggie grew up on the soulful vocals of vintage artists like Stevie Nicks and Ann Wilson, but has found 90s grunge to be a major source of inspiration as of late. She meshes all of her influences together with pounding, anthemic instrumentals to create a sound that’s all her own. In her music, Maggie addresses the conflicts of life through sharp-hitting lyrics textured in alternative rhythms with pop sensibilities that paint a compelling picture of our imperfect existence. The contrast of her jangly sounds and perceptive lyrics are a result of her commitment to connectivity through the honest expression of the human condition. She explains, “I make music for the utter reason alone that I need to create something for myself that makes sense, when nothing else around me does.”

Not only can Maggie sing, but she also plays the piano, drums, guitar, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, bass, and keytar. She even opts to play a right-handed strat with her left hand.



London, UK


JNR Williams is a singer songwriter from Hackney, London. His warm and unique voice makes him stand out and evokes a wonderful variety of emotions in his listeners. Raised in east London, JNR has a Caribbean background. He sees music “as one of the most powerful ways of communication as it's all based on emotion, which is an incredible way to connect with someone and bring people together no matter what walk of life .” JNR describes the piano as his “ride or die” instrument. Having started to write his first songs on it, he considers the piano as his counsellor that allows him to be open and honest without judgement.




London, UK


Wyldest is the musical project of London based singer-songwriter-producer Zoe Mead, flanked by multi-instrumentalist Mariin Kallikorm and drummer Jack Gooderham. The band stands out thanks to their remarkable self-sufficiency: writing, producing, engineering and creating all artwork and videos themselves.

Zoe is a self-taught producer and musician, using a variety of instruments, including a Yamaha acoustic guitar and stage piano. She draws inspiration from various genres, blending shoegaze, dream-pop and indie, “following the rules initially and then breaking them" to create her unique Wyldest sound.

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